Charlton & Jenrick recently celebrated their 30 year anniversary in extravagance and style, with a day filled with family-fun at the Wroxeter hotel near Shropshire. With over 150 guests, it was going to be much more than any other Summer’s day.

Charlton & Jenrick said: “The day was all about the whole family enjoying themselves and this was achieved with the carousel and dodgems playing a big role in this! The day came to an end after the BBQ. All the adults and children alike left with smiles on their faces and a little exhausted thanks to the day’s activities.”




The Telford-based company has 130 employees across the UK; beginning with just two employees in 1986. The company also boasts a £15 million turnover as of 2016. Some Charlton & Jenrick employees have been with the company for 10 years or more and the family-fun day was intended to celebrate the remarkable loyalty and achievements of their staff.







Here at Envy Fireplace, we are elated to have good relations with a company like Charlton & Jenrick and we wish them another 30 years of success. We expertly supply and fit all of their products; from the pristine Infinity range’s contemporary designs, to the beautiful Fireline stoves. All of which can be fitted with bespoke fireplaces, made to fit you and your lifestyle.




Take a look at some of their incredible products by clicking the links below.


Click here to view the the Infinity brochure.


Click here to view the Paragon brochure.


Click here to view the Fireline brochure.


Click here to view the Purevision brochure.


Click here to view the Katell brochure.


By Corey Whitwam,

Marketing, Easy Fireplace.

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